Painters share painting skills!(Two)

The skill of painting wall

1. Materials include: two rollers of different sizes, one wool brush, one stick that can be lengthened, masking paper, quick adhesive powder, etc.

2. Remove the peeling paint film: use a scraper or iron brush to remove the peeling paint film, and then use sandpaper to polish the surface.

3. Remove the paste Wallpaper: make sure to remove the old wallpaper by mixing hot water with cleaning agent, thoroughly soak the old wallpaper, then scrape the paper surface with a scraper, and clean the remaining glue on the wall with clean water, and grind it with sandpaper after it is dry.

4. Surface dressing: fill the cavity cracks with the soil with the soil cutter, and then use the sandpaper pad to grind them after they are completely dry.


Post time: Dec-02-2019



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