Painters share painting skills!(ONE)

Painters share painting skills!

Paint is a necessary material for wall decoration. Brush construction technology is adopted for wall painting, and plane effect is obtained. However, brush marks will be left if the technology is not good. General home decoration is to use wool brush, wool brush is relatively soft, can reduce brush mark as far as possible.

It is worth noting that when painting, the proportion of water added must be controlled between 20% – 30%, not more than 35%, which is higher than the dilution ratio. After painting, problems such as powder removal, sagging, floating color, and bottom leakage are easy to occur.
What is the skill of wall painting?

1. New mud powder coating
Mud powder coating includes diatom mud, seaweed mud, etc. it has the advantages of health and environmental protection, convenient transportation and storage, no need of preservatives and so on. The process cooperates with special mold construction.
2. Liquid wallpaper
It can meet the needs of different personalization, with customized effect, various color effects, green environmental protection, strong abrasion and weather resistance, special mold, and convenient construction. Liquid wallpaper is the most popular interior wall decoration coating.

3. Emulsion paint

Emulsion paint is a very promising interior wall decoration paint. It is made of water as the medium, adding a variety of auxiliary components. The water resistance and weather resistance of the film are much stronger than the first type of paint, and there are different types such as flat light and high light after scrubbing. But its color is less, the price is more expensive.
4. Low grade water soluble coating
Common is 106, 803 coating, which has the advantages of low price, non-toxic, odorless, convenient construction, etc., but its film-forming material is water-soluble, wet cloth will leave some traces after scrubbing, durability is not good, easy to turn yellow, but it is cheap and convenient for construction.
5. Colorful coating
At present, it is very popular in the market. Spraying can form all kinds of color patterns, but the construction process of this kind of paint is complex, and the resistance to rubbing and weathering is not strong.


Post time: Dec-02-2019



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