Laizhou weave is sold abroad, thanks to you

It is generally believed that the straw weaving technology in China was first released by Shandong, and the straw weaving in Shandong was also from laizhou.  the two generation of Ming and Qing Dynasties belonged to Laizhou Prefecture.


Therefore, Laizhou has the reputation of the Chinese grass Arts. The grass editor in Ye County is also called “Laizhou grass knitting”, and the Laizhou weeds are listed as the list of national intangible cultural heritage protection. Its history has a long history, with exquisite craft, unique style, strong local characteristics and both appreciation and practical value, it is popular with domestic and foreign merchants, and products are sold at home and around the world.


The competition of individuation and specialization in straw weaving industry is about efficiency and service. For the Laizhou Tongguan, the excellent craft of inheriting the grass and weaving, adhering to the high quality service, has been expanding the new channel, and also thanks the local customs staff for the support of the handicraft industry and the related classification guidance.


Welcome people from home and abroad to come to discuss and cooperate!  

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Post time: Jun-21-2018



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