How to deal with the drying of paint roller brush?


The current roller brush can roll various kinds of blending paint, organic or inorganic exterior wall paint, anti-rust paint, wallpaper paste glue and other materials, which is an ideal tool for architectural decoration and decoration projects. Most of them are made of acrylic velvet or foam with an I-shaped iron handle for large-area coating. Here is a brief introduction to how to deal with the paint roller brush.
(1) First, immerse the clean roller brush in the paint bucket, and wait for it to inhale the appropriate amount of paint, then roll it on the work surface. First roll in the vertical direction, level the uneven thickness of the paint until the spine is applied; then roll horizontally, as the paint on the roller brush is reduced, the rolling speed can be appropriately accelerated, and the paint on the roller brush is basically used up. It can be brushed again with a brush, so the gloss will be better.
(2) The roller brush does not have to be completely washed after use. Just soak it in paint or clean water and continue to use it the next day. When a project is completed, it can be washed with thinner or gasoline. Under normal circumstances, it can be cleaned in the paint tray. After cleaning, dry the sleeve and loosen the fluff on the tube to prevent the pile from intertwining during storage. . Wrap it in plastic wrap, but perforate the air to prevent mold; you can also wrap the sleeve with kraft paper. The kraft paper is slightly wider than the sleeve and the excess is stuffed into the sleeve. The sleeve should be stored upright, otherwise the fluff will be pressed, the foam roller brush can not be cleaned with gasoline, and it should be wrapped with paper after cleaning.

Post time: Sep-18-2019



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