[Construction Industry] Paint Brush

Paint brushes are also called paint tools. They are mainly used to beautify houses, construction industries, brushes, paints, glues, glass, shipbuilding, aerospace, food, archeology, etc.
The main materials of paint brushes are wool brush, bristle brush, elastic silk brush, roller brush and mixed bristle brush.
Pig hair brushhttps://www.toptongguanmy.com/products/brush/plastic-handle-paint-brush/
The high-quality pig hair brush has a large amount of paint and good elasticity, and can evenly spit out the paint, so that the thickness of the paint surface is consistent. Especially suitable for relatively high concentration paints and glues.

wool brush

The wool brush is soft, smooth, and good in leveling. It can evenly spit out the paint, making the paint surface smooth and consistent in thickness. It is not easy to leave brush marks on the painted surface. It feels smooth and durable during construction. The disadvantage is easy to shed hair.
Roller brush
Roller brushes are often used when roller coating large-area paints in daily building decoration projects; also known as rollers, because of the wide rolling surface range, they are the most labor-saving and time-saving brushes, especially after the extension rod is connected Easily paint high walls or ceilings, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to cause paint splashing, so the hair of the roller brush should not be too short, but it must be thin, so that the paint film will feel fine.
The handle of the paint brush is mainly divided into two types: a plastic handle and a wooden handle. The plastic handle is formed by one injection molding. The wooden handle is divided into a natural wood handle and an oiled wood handle.

Post time: Mar-09-2020



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