Classification of Roller brushes

Roller brush classification:

The roller brush is divided into three types: long hair, medium hair and short hair. It is expressed as the length of the roller bristles, not the thickness and length of the roller itself. The bristles are usually divided into two types: wool and chemical fiber.

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Different roller brushes will paint different effects, and the long hair roller will paint some fine texture, which has a concave and convex feeling, similar to the texture effect. After the short-haired roller is painted, the paint surface is relatively uniform, smooth, and has no unevenness, and the middle hair is between the two.

The roller brush is mostly made of wool and foam, and can be divided into a paint roller brush, a brush roller brush, a floor paint roller brush, and a flat coating roller brush.

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It is mainly used for large-area coating roller coating for architectural decoration projects. And can be used to roll a variety of blending paint, such as: latex paint, anti-rust paint, interior and exterior wall paint, wallpaper paste glue.

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