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Bristle brush is a brush product processed from bristle and bristle. Bristle has always been one of the main materials for brush making. It is often used to process paint brush. Bristle paint brush is one of the largest production and sales in all brush product series. The bristle paint brush produced by our company is exported to all parts of the world and is welcomed by the market.

Construction application

1、 Wall joint: 1. Clean the construction surface with putty knife; 2. Dip the emulsion with bristle brush; 3. Evenly brush the emulsion paint on the construction site; 4. Paste the joint belt; 5. Cut the joint belt with putty knife; 6. Finally, compact the joint belt with putty knife.

2、 Roughing construction of ceramic tile wall: 1. Mixing cement slurry; 2. Dipping with roughing roller brush; 3. Rolling on the wall base; 4. Evenly covering the required area.

3、 Wall treatment: 1. Clean the original wall; 2. Paste seam paper tape at the wall gap; 3. Paste wall covering cloth; 4. Puttying and leveling the wall; 5. Clean the wall again; 6. Use sandpaper with strong light assistance; 7. Use protective equipment of mask goggles when sandpaper.

4、 Ceiling construction: 1. Clean the wall and build the Dragon skeleton; 2. Wire and splice the gypsum board for modeling; 3. Paste the joint belt and level with putty; 4. Use the wool brush and mini roller brush to paint.

5、 Primer painting: 1. Special roller brush for primer; 2. Uniform painting; 3. Efficient and fast with expansion bar; 4. Repair the corners with wool brush.

6、 Finish painting: 1. Select high-grade roller brush; 2. Use expansion bar from the top; 3. Brush the facade again, and change the roller brush in different colors; 4. Use tray to maintain the ground treatment; 5. Use wool brush to hook the corner line; 6. Use mini roller to brush the corner to ensure the same texture.

7、 Wallpaper construction: 1. Clean the wall; 2. Use wallpaper table and glue applicator to glue the wallpaper; 3. Use drawing knife, wallpaper brush, flattening roll and other tools to glue the wallpaper; 4. Use seam roll and flattening roll to deal with the gap

Precautions for use

Many users will lose their hair when they buy a new brush for the first time. In fact, because the brush is made of relatively soft and fragile animal hair, a small amount of bristles will be broken or broken due to the extrusion in the transportation process. The so-called hair loss is that the brush itself adheres to the broken miscellaneous hairs, broken hairs, which are within the allowable range of quality. It is generally believed that That kind of depilation is totally different. Moreover, before the first use, if you master some brush knowledge and do some simple processing, you will not get rid of miscellaneous hairs or broken hairs.

1. Before using the new brush for the first time, soak the brush hair in warm water, and then gently brush the brush hair with fingers, so as to remove the mixed hairs and broken hairs, which can basically avoid the hair falling in the use process.

2. In the future reuse, the bristles can also be soaked in water before use, so as to prevent the bristles from bifurcating. If it is used to brush grease, you can first use detergent such as detergent to clean. If it is used for brushing, use warm water for cleaning.

3. In order to save cost, some factory users soak the brush in acetone containing solvent after use on the same day and after work, so as to prevent the brush from solidifying and hardening with the paint. If this is the case, when purchasing the brush, they must pay attention to the use environment, so that the manufacturer can select the corresponding brush making glue, because not all the glue can withstand C If the glue is not suitable for soaking in ketone, the whole brush will be depilated in serious cases.

In addition, pay attention to the following:

1. The cleaned brush must be dried before storage.

2. In the process of cleaning and use, do not contact with high temperature, otherwise it will seriously affect the use effect and service life.

3. Bristle bristles are hard and wool bristles are soft, which can be selected according to the specific situation.

Post time: Jan-13-2020



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