2018 Outward Development~Important thing is not me, but us.

On April 21st, the spring expansion activity of Laizhou E-Commerce Chamber of Commerce was held in the central square of Laizhou Science and Technology Plaza. The number of participants in the event was nearly 100.


Everyone cooperated with each other and worked together to complete a series of profound quality development training aimed at cultivating innovative awareness, trust and team spirit.


In the afternoon, in view of the current status of foreign trade, we will discuss new foreign trade innovations, how to better use foreign trade big data, and better develop and maintain foreign markets.


Let’s feel the following

The lively atmosphere of the event,

Our Tongguan partner

Actively participate in every link.


The weather is clear and the sun is shining.

It’s a good day for travel.


Set up in the morning,

Business partners began to start,

The rabbit dance jumps up!


Let’s come and look for it soon.

People who know it, hahaha,

It’s time to test the eye.



Grab the money and dance

I hope all my friends will count their money in the palm of their hand

Look at you in front of the screen.

A lot of my colleagues




The next PART the “teacher said”,

How can a teacher not listen

Look at these “disobedient” people.

Be punished, thank you for the joy


Thank you for your different fireworks


The team PK competition started ~ invincible fire wheel



It’s good of you to be serious

Dear friends, dear colleagues, dear you




Under the big sun, there are us, the heart of cohesion

Step by step, I am not me, but us



Drinking water

The scene is a little bit “spicy”, please call me quiet

The male colleague in this office, why don’t you go to heaven!



Outdoor activities in the morning do not satisfy the aspirant heart.

In the afternoon, I started learning again, how to better explore the customers.


There are lots of people who listen to the class.

At last one day, you’ll be grateful to yourself at the moment.


One day’s activities, from 7 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

Hard work, Laizhou E-Commerce Association’s partners.

Passion is contagious, between a good team.

Should be alive and fighting like a burning flame.

Anything that is efficient and rhythmic

All of them have an inseparable relationship with their working state.


You are, I am, we are all,

Thank you for the colleagues of the TongGuan,

You are not the same.

Thanks to the Laizhou Electronic Commerce Chamber of Commerce,

It provides such an opportunity to improve yourself.

Look forward to the next time we get together!

Post time: Jul-02-2018



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