• Hotselling new design roller brush!

    Hotselling new design roller brush!   This roller brush is blue-green and the color is very fresh and beautiful. The pole can be flexibly installed, the length of the pole can be customized, and the applicability is very strong.   It is widely sold at home and abroad, is a must for your...
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  • Classification of Roller brushes

    Roller brush classification: The roller brush is divided into three types: long hair, medium hair and short hair. It is expressed as the length of the roller bristles, not the thickness and length of the roller itself. The bristles are usually divided into two types: wool and chemical fiber. Di...
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  • Introduction of Roller Brush

    Roller brushes are often used in large areas of coating roll-coating in daily architectural decoration projects. Also known as rollers, the roller brush needed to match the lacquer pan is the most economical and time-saving brush because of the wide range of rollers. Especially when the extension...
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  • How to deal with the drying of paint roller brush?

      The current roller brush can roll various kinds of blending paint, organic or inorganic exterior wall paint, anti-rust paint, wallpaper paste glue and other materials, which is an ideal tool for architectural decoration and decoration projects. Most of them are made of acrylic velvet or fo...
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  • Goddess Day, you are the biggest today

    Bing Xin once said that if there were no women in the world, the world would lose at least five-tenths of its truth, six-tenths of its goodness and seven-tenths of its beauty. Mother, wife, daughter, colleague, lover… Women are the most beautiful colours in the world, no matter what their s...
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  • Grateful to have you -Tongguan & Shuntong in the year of 2019

    January 20, 2019, our company’s annual meeting came, all staff gathered together, and the guests were invited to come and count the 2018 year of the year.everyone struggled and listened to the work summary of last year. Looking forward to the company’s future development, we will have...
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  • Enterprise Culture–Enjoy the beauties of nature and pick the grape

    September 2,the autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp,are also suitable for climb mountains to look into a far dostance. Let’s go,Laizhou Tongguan International Trade’s partners! Pls look at the mountains,this is called Da Ze Shan. Kids from the colleagues,  going to start scho...
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  • Laizhou Tongguan and Shandong Huanri Enterprise Cultural Exchange

    In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of the company’s internal staff, promote deeper exchanges with the cooperative enterprises. No. 6.23, today, Laizhou Tongguan International Trade and Shandong Huanri Group’s friends have launched the second employee friendship exchange comp...
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  • 2018 Outward Development~Important thing is not me, but us.

    On April 21st, the spring expansion activity of Laizhou E-Commerce Chamber of Commerce was held in the central square of Laizhou Science and Technology Plaza. The number of participants in the event was nearly 100.   Everyone cooperated with each other and worked together to complete a series of ...
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