• Brush maker-types of brushes

    Paintbrush type Different paint brushes correspond to different paints. A brush made of a yarn processed by a deformed fiber is called an elastic brush because the yarn has a relatively good stretching function. Using pig hair as the main raw material, it has the characteristics of good toughness...
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  • [Construction Industry] Paint Brush

    Paint brushes are also called paint tools. They are mainly used to beautify houses, construction industries, brushes, paints, glues, glass, shipbuilding, aerospace, food, archeology, etc. The main materials of paint brushes are wool brush, bristle brush, elastic silk brush, roller brush and mixed...
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  • Application of bristle brush and precautions — tool brush industry

    Application of bristle brush and precautions — tool brush industry

    Bristle brush is a brush product processed from bristle and bristle. Bristle has always been one of the main materials for brush making. It is often used to process paint brush. Bristle paint brush is one of the largest production and sales in all brush product series. The bristle paint brush pro...
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  • Using bristle brush technique — Construction Industry

    Using bristle brush technique — Construction Industry

    Bristle brush, commonly known as bristle, refers to the bristle growing on the neck and back of the spine of the pig, usually more than 5cm; bristle is rigid and tough, elastic, not easy to deform, resistant to humidity, high temperature, not affected by cold and heat, so it has always been one o...
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  • Painters share painting skills!(Two)

    The skill of painting wall 1. Materials include: two rollers of different sizes, one wool brush, one stick that can be lengthened, masking paper, quick adhesive powder, etc. 2. Remove the peeling paint film: use a scraper or iron brush to remove the peeling paint film, and then use sandpaper to...
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  • Painters share painting skills!(ONE)

    Painters share painting skills! Paint is a necessary material for wall decoration. Brush construction technology is adopted for wall painting, and plane effect is obtained. However, brush marks will be left if the technology is not good. General home decoration is to use wool brush, wool brush is...
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  • Hotselling new design roller brush!

    Hotselling new design roller brush!   This roller brush is blue-green and the color is very fresh and beautiful. The pole can be flexibly installed, the length of the pole can be customized, and the applicability is very strong.   It is widely sold at home and abroad, is a must for your...
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  • Classification of Roller brushes

    Roller brush classification: The roller brush is divided into three types: long hair, medium hair and short hair. It is expressed as the length of the roller bristles, not the thickness and length of the roller itself. The bristles are usually divided into two types: wool and chemical fiber. Di...
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  • Introduction of Roller Brush

    Roller brushes are often used in large areas of coating roll-coating in daily architectural decoration projects. Also known as rollers, the roller brush needed to match the lacquer pan is the most economical and time-saving brush because of the wide range of rollers. Especially when the extension...
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