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2 “3″ 4 “industrial coatings/cleaning accessories, plastic handle paint brush

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  • FOB Hinta: US $ 0,5 - 9999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Määrä: 3000 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per day
  • Port: Qingdao
  • Maksuehdot: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
  • : Our brush factory is a comprehensive enterprise integrating brush design, research and development, production and sales. The company is equipped with professional brush making equipment to provide you with industrial brushes, medical brushes, civilian brushes and other products. The products include twisted wire brush series, brush roller series, strip brush series, iron brush series, winding spring brush series, brush series, Wire wheel series, hand brush series, electrostatic brush series, car brush series, disc brush series, etc. Our factory can customize special-shaped brushes of various materials according to customer requirements. The specifications are not limited. Welcome to purchase.
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    Many users will experience hair loss when they first use a new hair brush. In fact, because the hair brush is made of relatively soft and fragile animal hair, squeezing during transportation will cause a small amount of bristles to fold. Damaged or broken, the so-called hair loss is only the brush itself attached to this broken hair, broken hair, which is within the quality allowable range, and the general kind of hair removal is completely different. Moreover, before using it for the first time, if you have some knowledge of the brushes and do some simple treatments, you will basically not even get rid of the hairs or broken hairs.
    1. Before using the new hair brush for the first time, soak the bristles with warm water, and then lightly brush the bristles with your fingers. This can remove the mixed hairs and broken hairs, which can basically avoid hair loss during use.
    2. In the future repeated use, the bristles can also be immersed in water before use. This can prevent the bristles from splitting. If it is used for brushing grease, it can be washed with a detergent such as dishwashing liquid. If it is used for water-based brushing, it can be washed with warm water.
    3. In order to save costs, some factory users consider that the brushes are immersed in solvents containing acetone after use after the day of use. This can prevent the brushes from solidifying and hardening with the coating. If this is the case, purchase the brushes. When brushing, you must pay attention to the manufacturer’s use environment, so that the manufacturer can choose the appropriate brushing glue, because not all glue can withstand acetone soaking. If the glue is not suitable, the entire hair removal will occur in severe cases. situation.
    In addition, note the following:
    1. The brush after cleaning must be dried before storing.
    2. Do not touch high temperature during cleaning and use, otherwise it will seriously affect the use effect and service life.
    3. The bristle bristles are hard and the wool bristles are soft. You can choose according to the actual situation.
    Before using the new product for the first time, the bristles should be soaked in warm water for about half an hour, and then the bristles that are easy to fall off will be removed before use, which can effectively reduce the hair loss during use; before using, immerse the bristles in water before use to prevent the bristles from splitting.

    tuotteen nimi 2 “3″ 4 “industrial coatings/cleaning accessories, plastic handle paint brush
    Tyyppi sivellin
    Väri Valkoinen
    harja Materiaali Synthetic Fiber
    Tuotenimi Tong guan tai muille
    toiminto Maalaus, pesu, pöly-proff ja niin edelleen
    Koko 1 ", 1,5", 2 ", 2,5” , 3", 4 "
    Lähtöisin Shandong (Manner)


    Nimi Koko materiaali hiusten pituus käyttämällä alue Kpl / Carton
    401 grilli Brush 1 " PP / Synthetic Fiber 3.7cm Grillataan harsintalanka Maalaus, BBQ 1440
    401 grilli Brush 1.5 " PP / Synthetic Fiber 3.8cm Grillataan harsintalanka Maalaus, BBQ 1200
    401 grilli Brush 2 " PP / Synthetic Fiber 3,9 cm Grillataan harsintalanka Maalaus, BBQ 960
    401 grilli Brush 2.5 " PP / Synthetic Fiber 4cm Grillataan harsintalanka Maalaus, BBQ 840
    401 grilli Brush 3 " PP / Synthetic Fiber 4cm Grillataan harsintalanka Maalaus, BBQ 700
    401 grilli Brush 4 " PP / Synthetic Fiber 4cm Grillataan harsintalanka Maalaus, BBQ 560

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    Q1: Miksi valitsit Tongguan?
    V: 1. Matala MOQ (3000pcs)
    2. Tasokas raaka-aineista lopputuotteisiin
    3. Ammatillinen ja ammattitaitoisen työvoiman 
    4. Tiukka QC osasto tarkistaa jokaisen tuotteen ennen pakkaamista
    5. Pitkäaikainen tutkimus uusia tuotteita ja parantaa läsnä tuotantoprosessin

    Q2. Mikä on maksuehdot?
    V: 1. 30% T / T etukäteen, 70% tasapaino vastaan kopio B / L
    2. 100% peruuttamaton L / C näköpiirissä
    3. Pienet tilaukset voidaan lähettää Western Union.
    Q3. Joka logistiikka tapoja kuljetusta varten?
    V: 1. Enimmäkseen mennään meritse suuria määrä
    2. pieniä tai näyte järjestyksessä, menemme DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex, EMS tai muiden kansainvälisten kuriiri.

    Q4. Voitko tuottaa mukaan näytteitä?
    V: Kyllä, Voimme tuottaa mitään suunnittelua.




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